Removing Odor Resulting From Fire Damage

Odor Removal

Fire and smoke damage can be a traumatic experience for any business owner or homeowner. We know how it can be, after seeing several incidents where people have lost their property due to fire. We are aware you need a prompt response to the problem, and that’s why we employ trained staff to respond to fire damage and to help you manage the stress. Our company, ATEX water Damage and Restoration has experience in fire and water damage restoration, we are experts at water extraction and cleaning the smoke and soot so your home or business can be habitable again. Our technicians assess the damage caused by the fire and the efforts to extinguish it, and they try to salvage items which were not badly burned by the fire. We will clean all your rooms, and sanitize any furniture that we can reclaim. You can rest assured we properly deodorize all draperies, carpets, and other contents that were not damaged. While on location our smoke damage experts make sure they adequately clean all items touched by the fire.

Odor Control

Using the latest deodorizing techniques, we will clean out the odor of the fire from your home. We use thermal fog or spray equipment to remove all smoke and odor from your home. We also utilize ozone machines to ensure we remove all odor from all the contents and from the structure of your home. If necessary, we use a portable ozone room we place garments, drapes, and the like in to clear them of any smoke and odor. Our fire damage experts intend to make that house your home again.

Commercial Fires

If your business has experienced a fire, the losses can be astronomical. There are times that businesses cannot recover after a fire. We go about the cleaning of the debris in a manner that will help salvage most of the items in the firm. Through effective and efficient restoration, your company can recover, and you can continue doing business again.